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Opening Tuesday 21 march, 19.00-22.00

From 22nd march till 24th september 2017 the casa di Goethe shows artwork of the german photographer Kerstin Schomburg. In summer 2015, as a fellow of the casa di Goethe, she went on a photographic research on the trail of Goethes friend and landscape artist Jakob Philipp Hackert (1737-1807), who lived and worked in Italy for decades.

During her stay in Rome, Schomburg repeatedly embarks on journeys, to discover the places and points of view, that constituted the basis for Hackerts Vedutes. She explores its actual condition and captures it photographically: in Rome, for example, its the view on St. Peters from the Milvian Bridge or from the bath of Caracalla, in the surroundings of the city the waterfalls of Tivoli, the Via Appia or the Villa Conti in Frascati, which he portrayed many times. The landscape artist also guides the photographer to the north and south of italy, to places like Pisa, Livorno or to the bay of Pozzuoli.

Already international famous at his time, Jakob Philipp Hackert, with his Vedutes, harbours and hunting scenes, coast and river landscapes, had a formative influence on the paintings of mediterranean landscapes until the 19th century. The works of the painter, who was born in Prenzlau, were regarded as realistic and Hackert himself often indicated in captions that his pictures are true representations of the nature. Nevertheless, his aesthetic feelings played an important role, for example he often depicted beautiful oaks or chestnuts in the foreground of his paintings. The conclusion: the view of the artist forms our reality. Despite the putative objectivity of photography, this is also noticeable in the works of Kerstin Schomburg. Indeed, in her project the artist neither want a factual inventory of landscapes nor photographical copies of Hackerts pictures. It is much more a trial of a today's interpretation of these places. "I'm more interested in what had happened in the mean time – not only architectural, but also socially". On her pictures there are often people in today's everyday life: on the bike, at the phone, during sports.

Schomburg shows a modern Version of Hackerts "subjective reality", newly interpreted through the eyes of the artist's camera.

In addition to the photographs the exhibition also shows some original works of Hackert (i.a. Loans from Weimar, Düsseldorf and Rome) and Kerstin Schomburgs personal notes, presented like in a studio, to document her researches and retrace the artistic process.

Kerstin Schomburg, born and grown up in the Weser mountains region, lives and works in Hamburg. Since her studies she regulary spends time for work in Italy, last as a fellow of  the Karin-und-Uwe-Hellweg fellowship at Casa di Goethe. The Karin-und-Uwe-Hellweg fellowship/Bremen promotes study programms since 2012, that are dedicated to the german-italian cultural exchange.