Olga Martynova and Dafne Graziano in Lyrical Dialogue

LA SPERANZA – What We Don’t Want

Dafne Graziano and Olga Martynova enter into a dialogue through their lyrical texts and read new poems. They span an arc from the essential questions of life, from hope and death, to a lake in Sweden, to the death of Tolstoy and Pasolini. The poems are read by the authors in the original language and projected in Italian and German in the background. In this case, the dialogue takes on another level, as the two poets have translated each other’s texts. Thus, in the conversation following the reading, among other aspects, the complexity of translating poetry is also addressed.

The reading will be in German and Italian. The conversation following the reading will be moderated by Gregor H. Lersch and simultaneously translated.


Dafne Graziano © Dafne Graziano


Dafne Graziano (*1992) has lived in Rome since 2003 and is a literary scholar, author and translator into Italian. In 2022 she was awarded the German-Italian Translator Prize for the translation of a story by Eva Menasse. Her short stories and poems have appeared in various anthologies.

Olga Martynova 2022 © Villa Massimo, Foto: Alberto Novelli


Olga Martynova (* 1962), lives in Frankfurt (M.) and is a Rome Prize winner of the German Academy Villa Massimo 2022/23. She grew up in Leningrad, where she co-founded the poetry group Kamera Chranenia. In 1991 she moved to Germany and since 1999 she has been writing literary texts not only in Russian but also in German. Her most recent publications are Der Engelherd (The Angel’s Hearth), novel (2016), Über die Dummheit der Stunde (On the Stupidity of the Hour, essays (2018). She received, among others, the Ingeborg Bachmann Prize (2012) and the Berlin Literature Prize (2015).

The event is a cooperation of the Museum Casa di Goethe and the German Academy Rome Villa Massimo.