Covid-19 Maßnahmen


About the current situation...

[Regular opening hours. Please note that guided tours are possibile for max 5 people]

Covid-19 measures in the museum
We hope to be able to return to normal circumstances as soon as possible. When the museum is open, the following measures are currently in effect:

  • All visitors over 7 years of age are requested to wear a face mask when entering the museum.
  • Please use sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is available for use at various places in the museum.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres to other visitors in all areas.
  • The number of persons allowed in the publicly accessible rooms at the same time is limited to a maximum of 30 (max. 5 persons per room). The exhibition rooms can be visited using the designated one-way routes only.

Please note that due to the current legal situation we can offer guided tours for groups of max 5 people.

We thank you for your understanding for these measures and for assisting us in observing these rules for your own as well as for our protection.