Library rules

Please observe our rules

The Casa di Goethe libraries are reference libraries. Borrowing is not possible. Use of the library by prior appointment by telephone only.

Bags, jackets and coats must be left at the entrance. Each library user must deposit his/her student or identity card before entering the library. Mobile phones must be switched off. Taking food or drinks into the library is not permitted. Please be quiet in the library. Laptops may be brought into the library. There is no PC for visitors.
Users must sign the visitors’ book and by doing so accept the provisions of the library rules. The shelf-mark, author and title of the book, the date of withdrawal and the name of the user must be noted. Books may only be taken out and returned by the staff of the Casa di Goethe.
If you wish to make photocopies of any library holdings, it is at your own expense (10 cent per sheet) and is possible under observance of the legal provisions (Ital. Agreement No. 248 from 18.8.2000 – a maximum of 15% of the pages may be copied). Particularly sensitive works and all works published before 1900 may under no circumstances be copied. By prior arrangement, pages of this kind can be photographed at your own expense by a photographer recommended by the library.
Photocopies must be made by staff members of the Casa di Goethe only. The user is liable for any damage caused when making the photocopies.
The user is liable for any damage he/she causes; in particular data carriers, filing boxes, books and journals must be handled with great care and marks must not be made in the books.
Library staff may exclude persons who severely breach the rules from using the library until further notice.