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Schoolchildren and students

All-year offers – by prior appointment

Guided tours of the permanent and temporary exhibitions
Schoolchildren and students can expect to gain an insight into Goethe’s life in Rome, the reasons for his “flight” from Weimar and the impact his stay in Italy had on his later creative work. What did the city look like that Goethe explored on his walks? Who were the people he shared an apartment with, which artists did he frequently visit? And why did he later describe his time in Rome as the happiest in his life? We provide answers to these and other questions in a tour of the permanent and the temporary exhibitions.

“Tischbein put the poet up in this room. It is here that each evening Goethe prepared a workload that he embarked on early in the morning, whilst still in bed: “Each morning before I get up, I am writing on Iphigenia”, he reported to Johann Gottfried Herder in Weimar. During the day, he strolls through Rome with Tischbein and the latter’s artist friends. And even at night Goethe is not always alone – his lover, Faustina, to whom he later dedicates the fifth Roman Elegy, keeps him company. The room accommodates the poet until 22nd February 1787, the day of his departure to Naples. After he returns, he will move into Tischlein’s great ‘hall’.”

Guided tours:
Guided tours:Tuesday to Friday
Number of persons:min. 10 persons / max. 25 persons
Duration:45-60 minutes
Price for a guided tour:€ 0
Admission per schoolchild/student:€ 2
Admission incl. rental fee for a group room:€ 6 per person
Admission for accompanying teacher:€ 0
Guided tours by prior appointment only.

Guided tours of individual temporary exhibitions are also provided. By prior arrangement, school groups can rent the group room on the 2nd floor for presentations, brief lectures, etc.

The educational programme at Casa di Goethe for the 2023/2024 school year

From 15 September 2023

Guided tour

Visit the rooms of the appartment where Goethe lived in Rome and learn about the history of the poet’s stay in Italy.

Age: for all; Duration: 60min; Price per pupil: € 2.00


After a short tour of the museum, the workshop participants are divided into groups and given tablets. They can document the images, words and personalities in the museum rooms, that characterise the German poet’s journey to Rome. The students create a short documentary film that is presented to the whole group and the teachers.

Recommended age: 15-18 years; duration: 90 minutes; price per student: € 3.00.