Sammlung Casa di Goethe


Goethe's Italian journey and its reception history

The Casa di Goethe in Rome has its own collection that is regularly extended with the support of the Federal Government and other sponsors. The focus of the collection is on Goethe’s Italian journey and its reception history. Prominently represented are works by German painters from his circle of friends in Rome, including many landscape painters. A further accent is on contemporary German and Italian artists’ engagement with the theme Goethe and his Italian journey today.
Holdings: Paintings, drawings, graphic prints, books, autographs, sculptures, photographs, installations.
The items are used for the permanent exhibition “Goethe in Italy” and for temporary exhibitions designed by the Casa di Goethe.

Thanks to the joint project of the Casa di Goethe and the Bibliotheca Hertziana/Max Planck Institute for Art History in Rome, the complete holdings of the Casa di Goethe have been photographed by Enrico Fontolan (photographer at the Hertziana).
The data bank with photos and information from the museum’s holdings catalogue was put online on the Institute’s website by the photographic library of the Bibliotheca Hertziana and can be accessed here.

List of artists

A selection from our collection

Alfaro, Andreu (1929-2012)
Arnout, Louis Jules (1814-1868)

Barlach, Ernst (1870-1838)
Bellermann, Konrad Ferdinand (1814-1889)
Birmann, Peter (1758-1844)
Brech, Christoph (* 1964)
Bury, Friedrich (1763-1823)

Catania, Mimmo (* 1955)
Catel, Franz Ludwig (1778-1856)
Chodowiecki, Daniel (1726-1801)
Cottafavi, Gaetano (1825-1864)

Delacroix, Eugène (1798-1863)
Dies, Albert Christoph (1755-1822)
Dietrich, Christian Wilhelm Ernst (1712-1774)
Dunker, Balthasar Anton (1746-1807)

Eichens, Friedrich Eduard (1804-1877)
Ende, Edgar (1901-1965)

Fellner, Ferdinand (1799-1859)
Fergola, Salvatore (1799-1874)
Flix (* 1976)
Flor, Ferdinand (1793-1881)

Gail, Wilhelm (1804-1890)
Gmelin, Wilhelm Friedrich (1760-1820)
Grimm, Ludwig Emil (1790-1863)

Hackert, Jakob Philipp (1737-1807)
Hegenbarth, Josef (1884-1962)
Horvath, Frank (* 1928)
Hubbuch, Karl (1891-1979)
Hummel, Johann Erdmann (1769-1852)

Jaeckel, Willy (1888-1944)
Jaquemot, Georges François Louis (1806-1880)

Kauffmann, Angelika (1741-1807)
Keiserman, Franz (1765-1833)
Kniep, Christoph Heinrich (1755-1825)
Koch, Joseph Anton (1768-1839)
Kolbe, Heinrich Christoph (1771-1836)
Kubin, Alfred (1877-1959)

Labruzzi, Carlo (1748-1817)
Lequesne, Eugène-Louis (1815-1887)
Lewandowsky, Via (* 1963)
Lindemann-Frommel, Karl (1819-1891)
Lips, Johann Heinrich (1758-1817)
Lorrain, Claude (1600-1682)

Magnus, Eduard (1799-1871)
Marcks, Marie (1922-2014)
Mariani, Carlo Maria (* 1931)
Mechau, Jakob Wilhelm (1745-1808)
Montessori, Elisa (* 1931)

Nahl, Johann August d. J. (1752-1825)
Nauwerck, Ludwig Gottlieb Carl (1772-1855)
Nerly, Friedrich Christian (1807-1878)
Nolde, Emil (1867-1956)

Oeser, Adam Friedrich (1717-1799)
Ontani, Luigi (* 1943)
Otto, Karl (1830-1902)

Papan (* 1943)
Peill, Claudia (* 1963)
Piranesi, Giovanni Battista (1720-1778)
Preller, Friedrich d. Ä. (1804-1878)

Reinhart, Johann Christian (1761-1847)
Reinhold, Heinrich (1788-1825)
Richter, Adrian Ludwig (1803-1884)
Rohden, Johann Martin von (1778-1868)
Rossini, Luigi (1790-1857)

Salomé (* 1954)
Schütz, Johann Georg (1755-1813)
Slevogt, Max (1868-1932)
Stöhr, Philipp Gerhard (1793-1856)

Tischbein, Johann Heinrich Wilhelm (1751-1829)
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de (1864-1901)

Vasi, Giuseppe (1710-1782)
Venus, Franz Albert (1842-1871)
Vivarès, François (1709-1780)
Volpato, Giovanni (1735-1803)

Warhol, Andy (1928-1987)
Woollett, William (1735-1785)
Wunderlich, Paul (1927-2010)