Roma Chiede – Rom fragt – Rome´s asking – Rome demande

Opening of the poster exhibition by pupils of the German School Rome

We all carry questions within us, at all times and in all cultures. But which are the really important questions for us today? “Roma chiede – Rome asks”, a project by pupils of the German School Rome, makes these questions visible.

According to Socrates, philosophising takes place in dialogue: Asking questions in order to know; immersing oneself in practical life in order to get to the bottom of things. This Socratic method inspired the pupils of the German School Rome to a special project. They left the classroom and went where philosophy is most alive: into the city, into Rome. Here they talked to the Romans to find out what philosophical questions move them in the here and now.

The exhibition will be opened from 13 to 28 May 2023.

In collaboration with the German School Rome.