Casa di Goethe Stipendium

Scholarship holders 2

Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation 2013-2020

First call Karin and Uwe Hollweg Foundation (stays in 2013/2014)

Stephan Kammer (*1969), Germanist
“Rome, Stones. Antiquarian and idealistic antiquity at the end of the 18th Century” (Winckelmann, Goethe)

Christina Höfferer (*1970), cultural historian, journalist and author
“A House for Ingeborg Bachmann. Artists’ Houses in Rome”

Thomas Wolff (*1967), author and composer
Audio CD for children about Goethe’s Italian Journey

Kadi Polli (*1973), art historian
Project on Baltic artists of the 20th century in Rome

Nora Bossong (*1982), writer
Novel project on the tracks of Bruno Gramsci

Stella Tinbergen (*1956), film-maker
Research on the short film about the stay in Rome of the expressionist dancer Alexander Saccharoff

Christine Künzel (*1963), Germanist
Research on Gisela Elsner’s stay in Rome 1964

Second call (stays in 2014-2016)

Antje Fey-Jensen (*1967)
Radio feature on the famous Italian correspondent Franca Magnani

Dr. Carola Finkel (*1977), musicologist
Scandinavian composers and the Circolo Scandinavo in Rome

Dr. Carla Heussler (*1967), art historian
Artists from Southwest Germany in the 19th century who spent time in Rome

Dr. Claudia Kayser-Kadereit (*1962), musicologist
Musical travel companion on German musicians of the 18th and 19th century in Rome

Andreas Kloner (*1967), journalist and stenography expert
Examination of the unclassified material from the “Schedarium Noack”

Dr. Michaela Schäuble (*1973), social anthropologist
Examination of “Tarantism and lamentation of the dead in Southern Italy” in the wake of de Martino

Kerstin Schomburg (*1967), photographer
Photographic research on the tracks of the landscape painter Jacob Philipp Hackert

Prof. Dr. Martina Sitt (*1963), art historian
Restoration of Tischbein’s autobiography to its original state and reappraisal of the history of the edition.

Third call (stays from the end of 2016-2018)

Dr. Giovanna D’Aniello (*1977), teacher, translator
Oscar Cullmann’s contribution to the ecumenical dialogue during the II. Vatican Council

Prof. Dr. Andrea Grewe (*1957), literary scholar
Marie Mancini and the Guelphs / German-Italian cultural transfer in the 17th century

Snezana Nesic (*1972), composer
Conclusion of the cycle “Human light – musical theatre based on Goethe’s Faust”

Dr. Thomas Reiser (*1979), Germanist
Translation and commentary on the Rome travel guide by Andrea Palladio

Dr. Claudia Sedlarz-Riedinger, art historian
Publication on the history painter Friedrich Rehberg

Dr. Gerrit Walczak (*1970), art historian
Research on the previously unpublished memoirs of the history painter and portraitist Alexander Macco

Dott.ssa Anna Zinelli (* 1985), art historian, author
Artists in the Villa Massimo in the years from 1928 to 1965

Fourth call (stays from 2018-2020)

Dr. Mizali Abkarov (*1955), Germanist and translator
Translation of Goethe’s Italian Journey into Uzbek
Cancellation due to Covid-19

Karen Buttler (*1973), art historian
Editorial project “The Letters of Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff (1736-1800)”

Julia Dengg (*1986), translator
Translation of “La sommersione” by Sara Ventroni

Prof. Dr. Thomas Hauschild (*1955), ethnologist
Magic in Italian scientific, literary and artistic sources

Dr. Paul Kahl (*1975), cultural and literary historian
Cultural exchange between the GDR and Italy in the spirit of Goethe

Dr. Anett Kollmann (*1969), author, publicist
Adele Schopenhauer in Rome

Juliane Ziegler (*1984), freelance journalist and literary scholar
On the tracks of Marie Luise Kaschnitz in Rome

Fifth Call (stay in 2021-22)

Dr. Gesine Bey (*1953), germanist, writer Research about Martha Musil, Robert Musil’s later wife, and her years in Rome as a student of the painter Giacomo Balla

Ulrike Petzold (*1952), journalist
Radio feature on Erich B. Kusch on the occasion of his 10th anniversary of death or his 90th anniversary

Thomas Brussig, (*1964), author, scriptwriter
Writes the novel “Unter allen Wipfeln” (Under all the Treetops) about Eckermann’s involuntary journey to Italy alongside August, Goethe’s spoilt son

Caroline Mueller-Stahl (*1963), author, editor
The street poem “Walks in via Merulana” tells the transformation of the Esquiline, the most multi-ethnic neighbourhood in the old town of Rome

Verena von Koskull (*1970), translater
Translated the novel ‘La citta dei vivi’ by Nicola Lagioia (Einaudi 2020) (changed project)

Alexander Cammann (*1973), editor, historian
Is writing a non-fiction book on the community of foreign landscape painters in Rome in the 17th and 18th centuries: ‘Between North and South: Dutch, French and German Painters in Baroque Rome’

Dr. Kirsten Krumeich (*1966), academic librarian, early Christian archaeologist.
Researches on a bust of the Renaissance composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina, revered as “Musicæ princeps”, for the library of Fortunato Santini (1844).

Dr. Adelheid Rasche (*1963), art and fashion historian, collection manager textiles, fashion and jewellery at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum Nuremberg, researches Goethe’s wardrobe and the Roman influences on his clothing style.